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Floating Wings by Stonehart


Made to order, these dreamy wings are a collaboration with fine hand crafted jewellery and accessories brand, Stonehart. Sick of those pesky straps bringing you back to reality? We made a strapless wing that will literally stay on through any clothing. Utilizing magnets, we found a cute way to wear a wing for any outfit, or even in the nude!!  These are available in pink or white! Made in Santa Cruz, California. 

Each wing is made to order by the Stonehart founder, she carefully crafts these lightweight pieces to have a soft, gentle and realistic look. These special, custom made pieces are NON RETURNABLE, NON REFUNDABLE. 

 Handmade, ships in 2-3 weeks.

Please allow up to 5 business days to create, if you require larger sizes or other colors reach out to stonehart for a fully customised pair.

These ship directly from Stonehart, they include a little bag containing 2 very strong magnets. simply tape one magnet strip to your back (athlete skin tape works very well) cover the entire magnet with the tape and place the metal of the wings against the magnet.  For extra strength, stick one of your magnets (inside the bag) to the metal bone of the wing, and then put the magnet against the other taped magnet. This should only be applied if you need a strong stick connection, it will create a very strong snap against your back so please be careful. You should only use both magnets if you are wearing with jackets or something thick, or if you want them super secure (swimming or dancing) WARNING; these magnets are very strong and can hurt if they catch your fingers.

If you end up with the magnets stuck together without any tape or fabric in between, use a surface to push the top magnet away from the bottom, and twist them apart. Please avoid direct contact between the two magnets.

Feathers supplied by "Mother Plucker" in Los Angeles and molted feathers from private sellers whenever possible.

For any questions or concerns please email