Love Letter

If the world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely players, then this collection is a tribute to the backstage. It's a journey behind the curtain, down the stairs, and through the dark halls into a room that most won't ever see. The dressing room door is draped in boas, bags, and pretty robes, with high heels strewn about, traded in, and red-marked feet relieved by slippers. There's a large mirror framed by a halo of bulbs, and in it, you're reflected. As the metaphorical stage makeup is wiped away, we come face to face with ourselves. This bare moment is potentially the most beautiful we will ever be because it's the most real. With no mask now, we can be bold, ridiculous, opinionated, hilarious, soft, genuine, emotional... free.

With this collection, we celebrate iconic starlets of the stage and screen who are known not simply for their beauty but for their extraordinary talent and uniqueness. Icons like Bette Midler, Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tilda Swinton, Julie Andrews, Eartha Kitt, Judy Garland, Diana Sands, and Anna May Wong. Self-confidence, magnetism, talent, and personal style are what make these women appealing and truly beloved. What's a sexy, airbrushed men's magazine cover compared to a fabulous woman having a good laugh in her bloomers? That's what makes someone sexy—incandescent, passionate, raw love.

It seems common for people to assume our lovers want to see us in sexy lingerie—as that's the trope often portrayed in the media. The marketing around Valentine's Day focuses a lot on "gifting" our sexiness like a present, instead of what it truly means to be sexy. When we meet someone and fall in love, usually, we are so much more interested in who they are as a person; we find their confidence the most sexy thing about them, and how we dress is a reflection of that.

With this collection, we channel the feeling of dressing for yourself—whether it's intimate sleepwear for bedtime or an outfit for a date night. These pieces are designed to embody the strength of your true character, serving as a self-love letter by allowing you to be authentically you. Lingerie-inspired dresses—tiny like a teddy but wearable for real life—baby bloomers, lace-up corsets, and vintage-inspired slips make their grand entrance, with tiny pink hearts, romantic floral crests, and ribbons sprinkled throughout. We want you to feel amazing when you look in the mirror because when we can love our most true self, that's when we will be able to authentically write this letter:

Take the paper from the drawer, uncap the pen and inscribe the words you need to hear. Elaborate extensively. Dedicate it to your nose, your tummy, your feet, your arms, to your loud laugh, your scars, your messy room, and to the memories you’d rather forget. Forgive yourself for the mistakes that haunt you, remember the people who have taught you, whether they be adversaries or confidants. Kiss the paper, spritz it with your favorite perfume and tuck it away as a reminder: this one life is yours. How will you love yourself today?