selkie. sel·kie. also sil·kie. noun.

A creature or spirit in Scottish and Irish folklore that has the form of a seal but can also assume human form. Alternative forms[edit] saelkie, selky, seilkie, sejlki, shelky, silkey, silkie, sulky

A typical folk-tale is that of a man who steals a female selkie's skin, finds her naked on the sea shore, and compels her to become his wife. But the wife will spend her time in captivity longing for the sea, her true home, and will often be seen gazing longingly at the ocean.  Once she discovers her skin, she will immediately return to the sea.

Filled with color, exuberance and power, this collection is for the Selkie women everywhere, setting themselves free.

Fall 2022 PART TWO

Rose & Crown Cottage

The second part of our Fall collection is finally here, November being one of our favorite months to celebrate with a drop. It's a time for early evenings, yellow crunchy leaves, family, so much food, and bundling up under knit blankets- with cups of tea as big as your face. Bring on the Hallmark movie marathons. It's the romantic season, making it a perfect time for a horse and carriage ride! Where are we headed? To a little bed and breakfast in the cold countryside... of your deepest imagination! Let us get you there. We drop you in the heart of the 19th century at the Rose & Crown country inn, where you are given metal keys with big red tassels and a bell to order room service. In the cozy rooms are fluffy hand sewn comforters, old paintings on the walls and in the morning they serve hot scones, hard boiled eggs, toast and tea right to your bedside table. It's a place to bring your best ball gown for the local countryside dance, a night tossing back champagne, dancing till your feet ache, and clambering home in the snow. With leftover cake on your cheek, dress hem soaked, it'll be freezing as you gossip about the night, but you'll be warmed by the whiskey buzz and hard laughs. It's a place to celebrate you, finally! Read a steamy romance, put your feet up by the fire (*ahem* blazing candles) try fabulous makeup looks and over the top hairstyles- our favorite muse this November being the Gibson girl! Think fluffy, frizzy, ridiculously big piles of hair and smudged berry lips. The Rose & Crown may not exist in real life, but it is real. It's a place inside that we encourage you to visit. Most of us aren't able to simply go running off to the countryside whenever we feel, but wecantune in to those feelings. Put on a dress that brings you into Christmas morning, wrap a holiday present using red ribbon and sprigs of pine to open on a random night, and pour yourself a steaming cup of tea as the last of the leaves tumble down. As you prepare to head out the door into the cold this work week, pair your look with an accessory that never goes out of style; your imagination.

As seen in

NYFW runway show

Spring 2023

We are so proud to have shown for a second time in NY,  and this year we were officially listed on NYFW. This was an incredibly exciting moment for our entire team! We brought our first ever handbags, a plethora of pastels and original jewelry like the effervescenent unicorn crowns and butterfly bustiers, made in collaboration with Stonehart. All of it coming your way in Spring 2023.

This year we were so lucky to have the lead makeup artist Danessa Myricks, and our talented friend Linh Nguyen leading hair. The show was styled by Alisha Silverstein with Kimberley Gordon and Justine Babb. It was produced by Emily Bungert and cast by Julia Samersova with Kimberley Gordon. 

What a whirlwind! We already cannot wait until next year.

NYFW runway show

Spring 2023

 " The girl does not know. Ok, yes she knows she is different, she can feel it even today as she struts across 2nd ave, all eyes on her. It haunts her- first thing in the morning, waking, old mattress on the floor, soft light pouring through pink curtains in her warehouse loft. She knows it at school, or at parties, a few martinis later staring into the crowd looking for something or someone else. But who? She does not know. She has never even known to ask, 

        Am I the last?” 

She just knows she is different. She wears giant ruffled skirts, pastel capes, and satin ribbons bound around her wrists. They stream out behind her as she boards the subway, rhinestone heels clicking, silk jacket over her hair, long and tangled. Maybe she'll shave her head when she gets home. Left-over makeup glistens as she sips her coffee. She thinks of the night before, she drinks too much in an effort to push away the feelings, she blasts dubstep wearing big headphones to silence these circular thoughts in her head. She laughs loudly and moves quickly, knowing that this human body is not quite right for her. She stays out late, eats up history books, would rather run than walk, and searches for others who feel the same. She does not know, not yet, that there are in fact many others in this big city, trotting to the beat of its pulsing heart, dressed up “crazy” kissing strangers, and dancing their feet raw in endless nights. Others who are filling their closets with gowns, making purses out of antique pillows, and decorating their faces with shimmering war paint. Others who watch the sunrise alone from the bridge, feet dangling barefoot over the edge, crystals sparkling from ankles, munching sandwiches and sipping champagne from flasks. Sun rippled on the water, red in its wet reflection. She sees herself in the water, too, but her image is unlike the one known to the world. The twinkle of something sharp, a spear? A...horn? No, she is not the last, and she is not the first. And one day she will learn to ask. Her mother made sure this city will know her.