selkie. sel·kie. also sil·kie. noun.

A creature or spirit in Scottish and Irish folklore that has the form of a seal but can also assume human form. Alternative forms[edit] saelkie, selky, seilkie, sejlki, shelky, silkey, silkie, sulky

A typical folk-tale is that of a man who steals a female selkie's skin, finds her naked on the sea shore, and compels her to become his wife. But the wife will spend her time in captivity longing for the sea, her true home, and will often be seen gazing longingly at the ocean.  Once she discovers her skin, she will immediately return to the sea.

Filled with color, exuberance and power, this collection is for the Selkie women everywhere, setting themselves free.


N°15 Paper Moon

The record player buzzes, glossy French manicured fingers lift the needle to flip it to the other side. A pause, then Jazz explodes throughout the room, high ceilings reverberate sound that pours out through French doors and onto the back lawn. You rush upstairs, barefeet sticky against the marble staircase, through the art deco closet and onto the cool, beige bathroom tiles. Lipsticks lined up, gold tubes next to the mirror, you leave a kiss on the glass and spritz your wrist with a sweet blossom scent. Lacey lingerie (just for confidence) and a perfectly pink silk dress hanging on the back of the door, now pulled off it's hanger and slipped on over your hips. In the kitchen you select the stemware, tall martini glasses with a silver rim. Gimlets, manhattans and dirty martinis are on the menu tonight. The cement is baked, warm from the sun against your feet as you head for the grass arms full of supplies, you fling blankets across the lawn and line up plush pillows around the edges. Basil plucked from the garden, clapped together in your hands to smell the sweetness. Soon this place will be filled with laughter. Just a few more things; sparklers ready, plates of snacks prepared, a quick bite- the crunch of celery, and a brush dragged through your hair, almost done. Fling open the windows and let the heat bubble dissipate as the evening breeze floods the house. California hotness is balanced by these cool desert nights. The end of summer, like a sunset slipping away behind the hills, magical and fleeting, and needing to be soaked up in its entirety, like a piece of sourdough bread soaking up the last of the gazpacho, we celebrate this magical warm time with another all natural fabric collection. Inspired by the late 40's and 50's, dancing barefoot in an estate on the West Coast, and lighting sparklers on sprawling lawns. A collection to pose for pictures, arms wrapped around garden statues, or to step drunkenly into giant fountains with friends, voices cackling loudly, kissing, laughing, yelping into the rolling quiet of the Pasadena mountains.

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