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selkie. sel·kie. also sil·kie. noun. 

A creature or spirit in Scottish and Irish folklore that has the form of a seal but can also assume human form. Alternative forms[edit] saelkie, selky, seilkie, sejlki, shelky, silkey, silkie, sulky

A typical folk-tale is that of a man who steals a female selkie's skin, finds her naked on the sea shore, and compels her to become his wife. But the wife will spend her time in captivity longing for the sea, her true home, and will often be seen gazing longingly at the ocean.  Once she discovers her skin, she will immediately return to the sea.

Filled with color, exuberance and power, this collection is for the Selkie women everywhere, setting themselves free.

La Belle Etoile Parliament Dress

A dress that conveys high court power in a modern day world. The Parliament dress is the latest puff sleeved addition to Selkie, and it's giant dreamy sleeves, natural waist, and elegant layers of circle skirt make this piece pure magic. Adorned with an antique French Print- La Belle Etoile, inspired by The French countryside and walks through Paris, the parliament is sure to turn heads.

The Parliament

Vampire Banquets for Fall!

Blood Jello anyone? Brand new country vampire looks for your social distanced dinner parties.

Collection N° 8 Claudia