your confidence is priceless

Swimmers by Selkie

In the Fall of 2018 I launched Selkie with the best collection I could summon as a self invested entrepreneur. I introduced the brand with a smattering of slogan t shirts, silky ruffled wrap dresses and a few styles of sweatpants. I dreamt of so much more, not knowing how or when it would grow! Six years later, our swimmers launch is a benchmark moment. A new era! which is fitting as the collections inspiration comes from another era. I have always adored vintage swimwear. I have tried to collect cotton swimsuits over the years but never found them in my size. It was a dream to produce my own, especially since I am passionate about feel-good ensembles. I hope you will share in my affection for this flirty style with more coverage. While teeny weeny bikinis can be absolutely sexy and beautiful, I find I feel more sexy when I don’t have to think too much about my own body on display. As a 41 year old mother, with a postpartum pooch,  I find it takes so much planning to get dressed for the pool or beach, planning that can sometimes bring me to tears. I crave spontaneity, ease and comfort. I imagined skirted bikinis, stretchy ruched one pieces, and playful cover ups easy to pack and throw on while laying out, to rise from my lounger to take a quick dip without being terrified of an unwanted reveal. I wanted to walk into a restaurant or through a beach town without that looming, self conscious feeling. 


Selkie has it’s roots in diverse sizing, and immense care is taken in celebrating a Selk’s figure. We spend hours in fitting after fitting having deep discussions about comfort and fit, precisely choosing waistlines, or the perfect sleeves, we discuss how to edit a garment to fit multiple body types, or when and where to reveal more skin. It felt like such a natural transition to go into swimwear…to talk about our bodies in the hot season and what is really missing in our summer wardrobes. I wanted to bring you the same feelings you get from our dresses- but from a bikini. I personally feel a massive amount of anxiety around pool season and medias fear tactics using “summer body” marketing making it all the more stressful to do things we fundamentally love- Like being with friends, laying in the sun, or taking a swim. Having Selkie swimmers in my closet has brought me a tremendous sense of relief. That confidence is priceless. I know I will be covered, but I know I will look adorable! I can finally look forward to a spontaneous pool party or impromptu staycation. I know how busy we all are, todays world is one of efficiency and speed. These suits allow you to slow down and soak up more precious, relaxing time. So cancel your appointment with the waxer, and leave your razor burn at the door. Slip into this divinely feminine collection, and tell us how you feel in Selkie swimmers!