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Fanciful, nostalgic and extra romantic...Meet Selkie! By former Wildfox Co-Founder, Kimberley Gordon. This ready-to-wear collection offers a range of comfortable, whimsical clothing without compromising on quality or style. Selkie creates timeless pieces made to keep, pieces you will treasure forever. Inventory is small so your Selkie clothes are only one of a few!

The collection tells a story of female friendship and presents a dreamy world through its imagery and fits, while offering an expansive size range- starting with size 2-18. The more Selkie grows, the more we can invest in more sizes!! We hope to be part of a bigger movement towards this goal.

 “I’ve always been so inspired by the magic of women coming together to support each other. Encouraging each other's careers, passions and inspirations, dressing up together, borrowing clothes, cooking dinners, talking feminism, books, politics, lovers, adversity...our lives in each other’s arms...wonderful women from unique backgrounds... is there anything more powerful?”

-Kimberley Gordon


The myth behind Selkie

"As a young girl growing up in the UK and then in Santa Barbara, I fell in love with folklore. My love of make believe has infiltrated my work and play for as long as I can remember and ultimately helped inspire my previous clothing line, WILDFOX."


 In Irish, Scottish, Icelandic and Scandinavian folklore, the Selkie is a woman of the ocean who lives inside a seal skin. When she comes up to the rocks she slips out of her skin to bask in the sun. If a man is able to steal her skin while she sleeps, she is forced to become his wife and live on land. But, if the selkie finds her skin again, she transforms back into her true form and immediately returns to the sea, free. The Selkie is the perfect representation of women fighting for freedom and equality, searching for our metaphorical skin! We want to be free of constraints and express ourselves openly. Whimsical and super soft, this boutique brand invites you to feel good in your own skin by wearing bold colors, whimsical cuts and super soft fabrics from work to the party to the couch.