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Muses Kameryn Becker & Bree Kish

Prepare for a beautiful and comfortable sleep in these extremely soft, sustainable, nostalgic bed covers. TENCEL™ fabric was chosen especially to ensure your sheets were not only soft, cool to the touch and breathable, but also because tencel is one of the most sustainable fibers on the market! It's harvested from certified wood sources and is fully compostable and biodegradable.
Serve up your favorite dessert on a luxurious bed table tray Host a movie night for youself, popcorn, tablet, chunky socks and a nostalgic movie! Photoshoot! Put on a matching Selkie dress, style yourself some big 60’s hair (we love YouTube tutorials) and set up your camera. Set up your bedside table! Put some love and thought into the things you want next to you in bed. Maybe a new noise machine or humidifier, your favorite magazines, a delicous candle and a dream journal. A luxurious, new pen may inspire you to write.
Re-do your bedroom, Selkie sheets now available in a fitted sheet and pillowcase set size Queen, and Ruffled Duvet and pillow cases that fit up to size king.
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