Summer Sisters

Inspired by trips with your girlfriends, Summer Sisters is a celebration of these three long, hot months escaping your daily life and crashing like a wave against the coast of somewhere brand new. Summer vacations can be transformative; something about an unknown city where nobody knows you, a village filled with strangers brings with it the bravery to try on your true self- that one you've hidden away for so long. Slipping into dresses you might not normally wear, colours you've been too afraid to try, embracing your own skin and making moves you've never been bold enough to make before... that is the power of travel. Crunching down the gravel driveway at sunset to a cobblestone house with tall windows and big white shutters, sunscreen mixed with perfume and bug spray wafting from your sticky, darkened skin, a home full of new friends- slightly tipsy, laughing under the stars on a warm night, toasting chilled glasses and talking over each other, heels kicked off now barefoot, fire crackling in the background, you sneak away to explore the grounds. Up the path, voices in the distance, just the sound of your own footsteps, you suddenly come to terms with how small you are in this universe. A rare thought. One day, just like this holiday, life will come to an end. This bittersweet epiphany allows the now to come rushing in... the thought, "Be bold"

Running across the cool grass still wet from the evening sprinklers, hand in hand with someone who sends electric currents through your fingers, you realise that this is it! This is your life! Dress appropriately.