SS23 I'm Alive

SS23 I'm Alive

Starring Jaden, Pyper, & Dosha

I'm Alive - Pilot #1I'm Alive - A story based on the book "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. BeagleShe is not the lastListen while you shop!

From the earliest of memories, my heart has been enraptured by the tale of the elusive “Last Unicorn” Whether through the pages of Peter S Beagle's beloved book or through the magic of Tokyo-based Topcraft’s animated film, her magic has captured the imaginations of countless people across the globe. The Last Unicorn's story is one of transformation - a creature of legend forced to take on mortal form in order to evade danger. It is a tale of great sorrow, for in that transformation lies the pain of mortality and the loss of a world left behind. And yet, through it all, the Last Unicorn endures, drawing strength from within and persevering in the face of adversity. It is a tale that strikes deep within the heart, what Selk among us couldn’t relate to a creature so singularly unique and powerful, yet vulnerable and in need of protection?

As I’ve gotten older, my thoughts have often turned to the possibility of bringing this timeless tale to a new generation through the medium of live action.

I pictured her in today's world as the child of the Last Unicorn, unaware of the elaborate disguise hiding her true nature from those who would harm her. Her mother, who has seemingly vanished, has left her in the safe hands of her 'Aunt' Molly. I love the idea of these city unicorns living among us - they are us! They experience the complex emotions of being a human woman, searching for other like-minded individuals. I picture them storming the streets of New York City in a kaleidoscope of color, Carrie Bradshaw meets Gossip Girl meets Splash, wearing eye-catching ruffles and monochromatic pastels, voluminous and expressive as a means to say, “Here I am!" This collection dares us to take up space, inspires us to express our true selves, it embodies the very essence of what it means to be a unicorn. When you see your magical reflection, a confection of pastel fluff and dreams, know that you're not alone.

- Kimberley Gordon, Founder & Creative Director

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