Paradise Estate

Paradise Estate

It's a winter pastel paradise

The Pony Rose Bloom Gown

Let the memories of big hair, pastel interiors, bad perfume and Valley Girl voices come rushing back! Meet our new Paradise Estate collection. Maybe these memories are of your mother fresh home with a perm, or your rainbow toys with their distinct scent fresh from the box, or maybe they are not memories you have at all, just vague notions of the 1980's more-is-more aesthetic. Nevertheless we want to celebrate these fun memories with you by showcasing our favorite kind of nostalgia- bright and happy. We imagined a trip somewhere cold, a home piled with snow and dripping with icicles, its shutters painted light pink. Unload your skis from the Bronco's roof and sling moon boots over your shoulder. Turn up the boombox as you and your friends unpack the groceries in some mid century modern kitchen, crack a Tab and light the fire in the outdated stone living room. Then, after a day on the slopes, you'll bring back new friends and try your turn at charades followed by champagne or hot chocolate and a little karaoke. What a fantastic New Years Eve this would make... It's enough to check Airbnb right now and start booking. Memories of My Little Pony (the collection named after Pony's very own rainbow bungalow) Barbie and other nostalgic childhood feelings come to life in this playful storyline and we didn't hold back! A rainbow gown with a matching puffer? Yes! Wherever you wear this collection you'll surely bring smiles to peoples faces- as they too are whisked back into another time. Be sure to turn on our playlist for the full effect as you browse and shop your favorite new styles.

- Founder, Kimberley Gordon

Pony & the Slopes

The Pony Rose Bloom Gown

The Pony Hooded Puffer

Packing list for a nostalgic winter retreat

The Pony Moonlight Dress

The Slopes Hooded Puffer

Jardin de Fleurs, Champagne, and Rainbow sequin!

The Champagne Seashell Gown

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The Rainbow Sequin Princess Gown

The Rainbow Sequin Puff

Jardin De Fleurs Shrug Puff Dress

Jardin De Fleurs Maria Dress

Jardin De Fleurs House Coat

The Lickety Split Rosebud Dress

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