The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn x Selkie

There were few treasures from my childhood that had as much influence on my taste as The Last Unicorn. This special story was written in 1968 by Peter Beagle, who also wrote the screenplay for the animated film adaptation that premiered in 1982 - the year before I was born. Illustrated by talented Japanese artists, the movie held nothing back with its deliciously dreamy yet frightening plot.

The story follows a unicorn that sets out to find any other unicorns, fearing she may be the last of her kind. Along the way, she meets intriguing characters, including a magician who helps her on her quest. However, the magician transforms her into a woman to protect her, leaving her yearning for her eternal unicorn body.

The story's mix of dreamy fantasy and dark themes is certainly a unique and compelling combination, treating children as intelligent viewers capable of handling complex emotions and ideas, which is still a rarity in kids' entertainment. Lady Amalthea, the unicorn-turned-woman, captivated us, and I wondered if I, too, might be a hidden unicorn... or perhaps even a magician as I galloped around my neighborhood, nervously looking over my shoulder for the Red Bull.

Turning 40 with the film and being granted access to its gorgeous artwork, reproduced beautifully and generously supplied by ITV, is quite the dream come true. As the first dress brand to Incorporate the film's artwork into my own custom prints, I feel so incredibly honored. I hope you will love these custom pieces as much as I do!

-Founder, Kimberley Gordon

Pastels and Amalthea


The Last Unicorn Amalthea/Pastels Marie Dress


The Band Tee & Peony Skirt


The Last Unicorn



The Last Unicorn Winter Sweater


The Last Unicorn Pastels Seashell Gown






The Last Unicorn Night Hamptons Jumpsuit


The Last Unicorn Night Pillow Hoodie




The Last Unicorn Dream Day Dress


The Last Unicorn Dream Cottage Puff Dress




The Last Unicorn Woods Silk Gauze Seashell Gown


The Last Unicorn Woods Day Dress


Modeled by Hannah James

Photos by Tyler William Parker

Creative Direction Kimberley Gordon

Hair by Arbana Dollani

Makeup by Stella Kae

Styled by Annie Lavie

Produced by Fox & Leopard