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The Watercolor Beach shirt


Due to this garment being hand dyed, it is Final sale! No returns, no exchanges.

Once these sell out they will never come back! Get this art piece before it's gone.

You know that moment when you come out of the water and you lay with your head in the shade of your beach umbrella, body sinking into the straps of your beach chair, terry cloth soaking up your wet body. You listen to the waves crash and children laugh, intoxicated by the smell of lotions and sea salt. That moment is pure relaxation! But there's another moment that brings so much joy, that mid afternoon moment, after you're done reading, done napping, done swimming, when you've dried your body in the heat of the sun and want to take a stroll- maybe to buy tropical drinks at the bar or simply just take a walk along the shore, that moment you reach for the perfect shirt to cover up.

This is that shirt.

Extremely oversized (Even XS is gigantic) for an Olsen look, with extra long sleeves, a wide body, and inside out neck detail. Made from a deadstock hemp/cotton blend, so breezy and light with a slightly rough texture- similar to linen. Super thin fabric.

This Tee is hand dyed so every shirt is different! 

This batch of tees were made in Los Angeles


XS Laid Flat:

waist 26"

Length 24"

Small Laid Flat:

waist 25"

Length 22"

Medium Laid Flat:

waist 26"

Length 28"

Large Laid Flat:

waist 31"

Length 29"

XL Laid Flat:

waist 33"

Length 27"

XXL Laid Flat:

waist 39"

Length 26"