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The Tropical Iris Puff Dress


This dress is to take you to Maui in your mind. I was invited there at 16 by my best friends family. I still romanticize that trip...there's this moment when you fly into the airport, you step out of that Hawaiian Airlines time-capsule from the 1970's and into an almost outdoor terminal, surrounded by palm trees. The air is thick with humidity and smells like plumerias. At baggage claim they sell Lai's in vending machines, when you put them around your neck they are ice cold from the refrigerator and the sweet smell lingers as you drive the rental car down the long winding road into town. The hotel room is cool with dark wood everywhere. Hanging your dresses in the closet next to gift baskets filled with tropical treasures and snacks, you gaze out at the view of this majestic island. you head down to the beach immediately before dinner, flip flops smacking, the aqua colored water warm and sand the color of burnt sienna. It's all about that moment, a dress inspired by that sunset stroll across Maui sands, understanding how lucky you are to be there, to be alive. Listening to the sound of a tourist Lūʻau drums in the distance, the Tropical island breeze and the smell of sunscreen, slipping out of your dress and stepping slowly into the salty water, watching as the sun sets.