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The Still Life Pillow Turtleneck


The Pillow Turtleneck is a multi functional turtleneck, as it can be unzipped and worn open. The neck itself is made of modal which is beyond soft- it's like silk. Featuring gorgeous pope sleeves and a custom made Selkie graphic, it's versatile and cozy yet fashionable. Pair it with anything any style any day of the week.

This heavy Metal inspired graphic features painting "Vanitas" by Jan van Kessel the Elder or Jan van Kessel Jan van Kessel the Elder was a versatile artist who practised in many genres including studies of insects, floral still lifes, marines, river landscapes, paradise landscapes, allegorical compositions, scenes with animals and genre scenes.

Technique: Oil

Date of creation: 1660-th

Size: 20.3×15.2 cm


 In the visual arts, the term vanitas was first used only in the 17th century. It described a type of still-life painting that was intended to remind the viewer of the transience of created objects, of pleasure, even of life itself. As used to describe a literary theme, however, the term is ancient. It is derived from the famous words of Qoheleth that open the Book of Ecclesiastes: "Vanity of vanities! All things are vanity!" Moreover, in its literary usage, vanitas refers not so much to the transience or fragility of life as to the futility of seeking what does not last; it is meant to convey a sense of emptiness more than a sense of impermanence.