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The Perfume Sweater


Inspired by the book "Perfume" a novel Set in Paris about a perfumer and a serial killer, this deep blood red sweater is haunting and beautiful for Fall, and featuring a gorgeous print of art by Mary Delany.

Mary Delany’s stunning works are a remarkable combination of art and science. Often mistaken for watercolours, they are in fact carefully constructed paper collages, or ‘mosaicks’ as she called them.

Surprisingly, the story starts when the artist was 72, after she noticed the similarity between a geranium and a piece of red paper that was on her bedside table. The realisation prompted Delany to pick up a pair of scissors and imitate the petals in paper.

Delany’s path to becoming an artist was not straightforward. Born in 1700 in the south west of England and brought up in a relatively well-off family, Delany was well educated and accomplished.

However, her family pressed her into marrying elderly Cornish MP Alexander Pendarves when she was just 17, and after four unhappy years of marriage she was widowed. This gave Delany the opportunity to move to London and experience the artistic and social freedoms of court circles in the upper echelons of English society.


Delany made nearly a thousand of these incredible works of art and science before failing eyesight forced her to hang up her scissors in 1783 after ten years of dedication to her floral masterpieces.

She died on 15 April 1788, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy of drawings, embroideries, letters and exactly 985 cut paper flowers. It has been said that Delany’s pioneering and inspirational floral mosaics were the precursor to the collage art form – later embraced by artists from Hannah Höch to Man Ray.


70% Modal 26% Cotton 4% Spandex


Designed and fit in LA, Made in partnership with our reputable and expert production team in Jianying, China.

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