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The Pink Morning Glory Dress


 The Morning Glory flower has many symbolic meanings and it is widely used as a symbol in many cultures. In Chinese culture, the Morning Glory flower is a symbol of love and it represents two lovers that always meet on one special day every year. This beautiful symbolic meaning is something that is widely known in China and everyone who mentions the Morning Glory flower’s name thinks of love immediately. There is even a story hidden behind this symbolic meaning.

For example, it can not only mean unrequited love or love that is in vain, but it can also represent the mortality of life. However, you’ll find that the meaning changes more significantly depending on the color of the flower. Pink morning glories almost always symbolize romance, gentle feelings, and thoughtfulness. The pink morning glory flower can be given to just about anyone, including a close family member or friend.  Victorians saw the Morning Glory flower as the symbol of mortality of love.

The Morning Glory dress is designed for romance, dreaming of romance or experiencing it. It's gorgeous train will float behind you whether you're in a field or walking to the fridge for more ice cream. It wraps at the waist and is pleated all the way around. It features ruffled hems and small puff shoulders. Wear it while rolling around on your bed eating truffles, waiting for love and dreaming of that special someone. 


Numerical US Bust Dress Length Waist
2 XXS 30 1/2 61  1/4 27     
4 XS 32 1/2 61  3/4 29     
6 S 34 1/2 62  1/4 31     
8 M 36 1/2 62  3/4 33     
10 L 39    63  1/4 35  1/2
12 XL 41 1/2 63 3/4 38     
14 XXL 44    64 1/4 40  1/2
16 2X 46 1/2 64 3/4 43     
18 3X 49    65 1/4 45  1/2
20 4X 51 1/2 65 3/4 48     
22 5X 54    66 1/4 50  1/2


Delicate, lightweight textured jacquard 95% Poly 5% Spandex 


Designed and fit in LA, Made in partnership with our reputable and expert production team in Jianying, China.

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