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The Buttercup Puff Dress


OK, so you probably aren't lounging around on a farm petting cows and pigs and lazy cats all day like you might in a dream world, but you can certainly still channel your inner artsy farm girl!

This sweet and playful dress is a truly magical little thing. Flattering on all body types, it's puffy sleeves and pleated skirt make you feel like a walking meringue. Bend over, dance around, run down streets swinging around light poles without ever feeling uncomfortable or exposed. Fit to perfection, it will make you a believer in pastels. Buttercup puff is re imagined for Spring and summer, now in a delicately soft rayon it's light, cool hand will have you feeling naked- in a good way.

This dreamy dress is 100% super soft Rayon- it feels cool to the touch, like silk.

Get it while you can, Selkie is a young brand and rarely re stocks!!

 Please order true to size, sizing starts at 2=XXS 

Alex is wearing a 4 (XS), Arse is wearing a 6 (S)