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The Venus Cotton Candy Blouse


Throw it on over pretty much anything, this easy, delicate and dreamy blouse is a beautiful way to bring magic to your outfit with breezy ease. Featuring a billowing waist line, a giant bottom ruffle, a flattering puff sleeve and vintage inspired buttons down the back, this blouse can be worn back to front or front to back.

Adorned with the new Venus print, which was invoked by memories of museum visits.  At the Musée D’Orsay, I was especially moved by Bouguereau’s rendition of the birth of Venus. Today, that painting represents so much nostalgia that it’s a great way to bring that feeling and the beauty of Venus into my latest collection. More than that, the painting brings, too, the gorgeous feelings of a museum: The hustle and bustle of the entrance, tickets, lockers, peeling off of coats, then the hush of rooms and galleries; soaking up the art, surrounded by quiet groups; whispering kids on school trips, a tour guide describing themes to small gatherings, wood floors creaking under shoes; that moment you see a piece that speaks to you - staring hard, and feeling a sudden burst of creativity, something intangible to take home. Afterward, a little sandwich, cakes in parchment paper, and maybe a spritzer in the restaurant where light floods the room and people chatter, legs tired from hours wandering through the exhibitions. Exit through the gift shop to find a little book, a pencil, any pocketful of inspiration beckoning you, and perhaps a masterpiece captured on a postcard, a memory of your inspiring moment. I can’t wait for those days again... Covid, in a strange way, has illuminated the simple pleasures of life we took for granted.

Dry clean or hand wash!

Size down for a more fitted look. Bree is wearing size 12, she usually wears a 14/16

Designed and fit in LA, Made in partnership with our reputable and expert production team in Jianying, China.

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