Petit Trianon

Petit Trianon is Selkie's 12th collection, and a celebration of femininity and extravagance. Inspired by Marie Antoinette's gardens at the palace of Versailles, the Fall 2021 pieces are far from your typical Autumn collection. Instead we feature unexpected October delights, drawing pastel hues from country floral bouquets, wild flowers gathered from the final bloom and displayed like art in navy blue chinoiserie vases. That chinoiserie, too, is highlighted in the collection! Transforming porcelain teacups into cozy puffer jackets, sweet dresses and sweeping gowns. Antique napkins adorned with pink roses and petit florals are reimagined into a treasure trove of dinner party prints- celebrating the details of a cozy dinner gathering. We imagined a decadent, crisp Autumn morning in France, à la Marie Antoinette. Waking to the smell of Jasmine tea, white sheets, and croissants spread thick with jam, birds conversing as the light spills in through antique windows. Feet barefoot against the cool oak floorboards, slipping into a fresh cotton dress, delicate and light, decorated in ruffles like the frosted trim of a cake. Pulling on socks and boots, heading out, trailing a skirt across the grass with the scent of lavender in the air, gathering eggs for breakfast. Ah, the morning notes of Fall. As the evening approaches we ignore the practical and leave behind simplicity, opting instead for puffy details and explosive dresses. Party wear for an intimate gathering of spectacular friends, a room filled with chatter, games and laughter. Stars glitter as ornate, crystal glasses filled with wine clink to the sky! A toast to our unique stories. So many of us have hidden who we are throughout our lives in an effort to remain small or an attempt to go unnoticed. There are a plethora of times women are taught to disappear in society. But when we choose clothing that makes our hearts flutter, selecting extravagant looks that refuse to be ignored, things we've been reluctant to don (purely out of fear) we are also saying subconsciously to the world and ourselves- "I am proud of who I am and what I love. I am confident" We are finding a louder voice in 2021, a voice that's been too long suppressed. For Selkie that voice comes through swathes of fabric- A cinematic gown, a puffy dress, sunglasses sliding down your nose, purse swinging, shoulders thrown back, taking great strides against the current, thinking, "Damn I look good."

-Kimberley Gordon, Founder/Creative Director