The Perfect T "That Feeling"


You know this moment... that summer feeling, this poem will have everyone discussing their own summer stories with you. Written by founder, Kimberley Gordon, with her mother, based on their memories of visiting Cornwall and Wales during the summer in England.

"Friends laughing, brunch gathering, fresh juice squeezing, summer coming, weekend starting, legs stretching, lotion spraying, bikes gravel skidding, dog pool swimming, cat sun lying, towels over railings drying, antique hunting, treasure finding, warm evening air surrounding, jasmine wafting, grill smoke rising,  sandals dropping, lovers laying, kisses playing, sunset fading, guests arriving, gossip sharing, cocktail shaker shaking, cards dealing, leaving laughing, book reading, midnight snacking, kids sleeping, dream drifting."

Wear summer on your shirt!

Tanya is 5'9 and wearing size S

Lera is 5'9 and wearing size S