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There's a moment at the cusp of Summer, when Spring is not yet over, still delightful with its breezy, cloudy mornings, yet, in tandem, the allure of Summer beckons, and the craving for balmy, mystical nights grows stronger. Across the decades, this feeling echoes, but none as playfully as the 1960s—the era that embraced style, makeup, and hair with unparalleled exuberance. And so we imagine our final Spring drop framed by a vacant, weathered mid-century residence, perched atop the sprawling hills of Los Angeles. Within its timeworn walls, two swingin' squatters who've made their way West, T Bird in the drive, last dime spent on champagne and puffy dresses, frilly knickers, and a tank full of gas, their heads overflowing with Hollywood dreams. She keeps masks by the door and tries on new faces- who will she become? The worlds her oyster…spread on a cracker, cocktail olive on top. Reinvention is at the heart of this big city, it begs you to bring that hidden self to light. Find yourself here, in the cool of the evening when everything is getting kind of groovy, prepare your jello salads and pour your dirty martinis, pack up your favorite little dresses, and discover someone new inside you. We hope this ethereal collection will take you on a trip of self-discovery.

- Kimberley Gordon, Founder & Creative Director


LILY of the Valley


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A Little Princess Dress in Strawberry MilkThe Tall Glass Opera Cape & Antique Slip

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