Meet Stella, Makeup Artist

Meet Stella, Makeup Artist

September 23, 2018

Stella Kae

How old are you?

222 in Angel years

Where Were you born?

What's your heritage? San Diego, I am a Mexican-American

What's the story behind your name?

My name means ‘Star’

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A timeless mogul who does so much good in the world while lookin as fine as J.Lo

A talent you are proud of?

My ability to manifest the life of my dreams.

Biggest insecurity?

Not being a millionaire (yet).

Favorite body part?

My 22 inch thighs. They’re so meaty and I work really hard to keep them strong. I love having them squished and I love the way they wiggle when I walk.

Favorite midnight snack:

I eat 6 meals during the day and am literally never hungry at night 🤷🏽‍♀️

Biggest challenges you've had to face in your life?

Everything growing up was just really hard. Being extremely poor, being brown, being the daughter of undocumented, being in bad neighborhoods etc.

Favorite artist?

Contemporary Artist:

Tabita Rezaire - Music: LIL UZI 

Changes you would like to see in the fashion industry?

More genderless lines, more inclusive sizing, ethical labor practices and accessible pricing.

Pros and cons of your fashion career?
Pros: being involved in so many magical moments
Cons: net-30

Colors that mean a lot to you, favorite colors:

baby pink is my all-time fave but bright colors make me SO happy lately like neon orange and highlighter yellow!!!

Why is feminism important to you?

because intersectionality and equality for everyone should be basic fundamentals for all of humanity. It’s beyond my comprehension that there’s even any other options.

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