Meet Sophia

Meet Sophia

September 23, 2018

Where were you born?
I was born in Houston, Texas. My mother is French and my father is Mexican. 
How old are you? 24
What's the story behind your name? (Why did parents name/is there a meaning?)
My mother named me after Sofia Loren. My father chose my middle name ‘Esperanza’, which means ‘Hope’ in Spanish. My great grandmother was named Esperanza. I love carrying a name that my parents put so much thought into. 
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years, I see myself owning a large piece of land. On this very special land, will be very special animals. I’ve always wanted to have a ‘farm’ with two types of seemingly every animal. Rescuing and rehabilitating earths creatures is a gift that I cherish.
A talent you are proud of?
I’m a dancer and I view life as one big dance. The highs, the lows and everything in between inspire my movement. Being able to use your body as a form of art is what self expression is all about. 
Biggest insecurity?
Insecurities are ever changing. As they pop up, I learn to conquer them. The biggest insecurity I have ever had was my shoulders. I was made fun of as a child and it carried/carries on into my adult years. Some call me too skinny, I like to call myself angular. In short, my shoulder bones protrude just a tad more than the average person. This is the way I was born and I am so happy that I have embraced something that makes me unique. 
Favorite body part?
My nose. It’s imperfect. At the center of our faces, the nose is such a focal point. It reflects who I am in so many ways. My face, from left and right, is different due to the asymmetry my nose has. Growing up, it was an insecurity. It taught me an important lesson in being secure, content and confident. So, thank you Sophia’s nose. 
Oh and if you push the center, it makes a little pop noise too.
Favorite midnight snack
I would have to say I’m a huge pancake person. I like my pancakes with vegan cubed butter, drenched in maple syrup with blueberries on top. 
Biggest challenges you've had to face in your life?
I believe this will be a challenge every single person can identify with. Finding ourselves is an ever present journey. We all struggle, change, and learn as we live our lives. The biggest challenge to overcome is being content with evolving. Nothing is ever the same, including ourselves. Change is good.
Favorite artist?
What makes art art, is the fact that there is a variety. If there was one genre, one artist, one style; the term art wouldn’t hold the same meaning. So, I am a fan of all art because it attributes to the whole. 
Changes you would like to see in the fashion industry?
I would have a permanent smile on my face if the fashion industry stopped exploiting lives for profit. This included animals and human animals alike. 
Pros and cons of your fashion career?
-platform to spread positivity/educate/be educated
-my work is creating art 
-keeps me motivated to stay healthy
-I have met incredible people along the way
-witnessing girls endure body dismorhphia is rough
-contributing to some fast fashion companies allows for me to work for those who leave out a lot of animal products. However some of these companies hire workers at very low wages. 
Colors that mean a lot to you, favorite colors
My absolutely favorite color is yellow. It is pure happiness. I am fascinated with the sun, warm climates and citrus. All in which are yellow! 
Why is feminism important to you?
Feminism is vital for women’s self awakening. It lights the fire inside that at times is suppressed by societal ‘norms’. It’s important to embrace who we are because self love builds the foundation to love others. 
How did you become a vegan?
I became vegan 4 years ago. The moment I viewed video footage of a factory dairy farm, it changed my life. I was vegetarian at that time and unaware of how dairy was attained. I was shocked, mortified and inspired to educate others.
When we were shooting, we talked a lot about veganism and how it is a truly feminist act, in fact there are so many articles about it, including ones like this: think it's so important that you spread awareness about veganism, and a lot of people don't understand just how important it is to be aware of the mass cruelty happening all around the world.
What are some of your tips on becoming aware? Can people make a difference even if they don't want to go full vegan? 
Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Veganism is so much more than a diet. It encompasses feminism. Eliminating animal products takes a step towards protecting animals right to life. By not eating animals, you are protecting conscious life. The animal-food industry has taken out the male role used in procreation almost entirely. They rape females by ‘artificial insemination’ constantly to keep the steady influx of babies being born. Given the opportunity to be seen while being raped, she is saying "no" in her own language. When she is placed in a metal contraption so small she never builds her muscles to properly walk, for the mere purpose of procreation; we have to ask ourselves, why? As she gives birth to her child and has it wheeled off in a wheel barrow 30 seconds after birth; we have to ask ourselves, why? As she screams watching her newborn being taken away; let that be enough to say, this has to stop. Veganism is Feminism. It is protecting a females life while simultaneously protecting a males life. Veganism is the protection of conscious life. 
Watch footage. We, as a society, are inspired to make a change when we physically see something being wronged. We are emotional beings. Various factors have contributed to desensitizing us at this point in our life, but we are born extremely emotional beings. Tears, cries, screams are the same across species. The inability to speak the English language, any language for the matter, should never be a reason we don’t listen to something. If anything, that should be the reason we listen harder. Only when you see the act of violence and murder being done, you can comprehend it. You cannot make a valid argument for or against it, until you see it. Education is key. Watch the video that will make you ‘sad’, that will make you ‘sick’. That animal is no longer here and it deserves to strike that emotion in you. If you didn’t feel that way while watching, that wouldn’t be normal. Feeling is beautiful. It connects us beyond our own human race. We are so hesitant to watch these things because we know it will make us uncomfortable and change for the better. We like our routines and change on this scale seems untouchable. So, we create excuses to settle our conscious. How do you become aware? Watch the footage. Your mind will do the rest. Personally, I could never eat stolen life. Nothing in me needs it, nothing in me supports murder; so I could never go back. I do believe that everyone can drastically reduce animal consumption without going vegan. They would then feel the benefits and in time, change entirely. If we all stopped consuming animal products, we would crash the entire system. Farmers are beyond exploited. Locked in a system with their hands tied behind their backs. They are forced to be a pawn in a game they have no control of. By boycotting animal products, we allow for a new way of farming to be created that gives back to the farmers. This is the way it should be. Mass production, in general, lowers quality of product.


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