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How old are you?
35, which always feels crazy. I started Wildfox at 24, it's been almost 10 years!
Where Were you born? What's your heritage?
East Grinstead, West Sussex UK. I was born and raised in England, my parents moved me to Santa Barbara at the age of 11. I have a serious combo of California/British girl. It gave me my obsession with American culture, and my love of super cheesy music.
What's the story behind your name? (Why did parents name/is there a meaning?)
My Dad says it was after the Kimberley diamond minds, but I think he's lying.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I pray that Selkie will be self sufficient and I can be living a life with great friends, a wonderful team, and a happy family. I've lost and learned a lot, at this stage I can only hope for steadiness.
A talent you are proud of?
Recently, I became proud of my miniature skills. I built a dollhouse and I can't believe how good it looks. I am proud of my art skills, but I doubt them all the time.
Biggest insecurity?
I have two;
weight (always since I was in High School)
My art
I'm always afraid I've become irrelevant or boring.
Favorite body part?
Such a hard question. I think my eyes and hair!
Favorite midnight snack
Toast and jam.
Biggest challenges you've had to face in your life?
Losing my first company and facing health issues with my boyfriend. Both have taken me to a dark place I'd never experienced, and it's been hard to get over them. Starting this company is also now on the list! Maybe THE hardest time of my life.
Favorite artist?
Egon Schiele. I think I may be him reincarnated, or his wife, because I feel so emotional when I see his work. I cried at an exhibit of his.
Changes you would like to see in the fashion industry?
So many. The reason for starting this brand was to be able to spark some changes- the main one being SIZE INCLUSION! I don't understand why brands say "it's so hard" to add more sizes, it's definitely been the least difficult part of starting this brand. I'm tired of feeling body shamed in every store, when I try on any of my favorite brands, and in every dressing room. Especially jeans- why are upper sized jeans so UGLY?
Pros and cons of your fashion career?
Pros- Working with incredible teams of women. I can't explain how amazing this is, to become a family with each other. Also creating stories through visuals, it's my favorite thing to do.
Cons- Sexism and constant changing trends. It's hard to always one up yourself, and not to mention production is incredibly intricate and difficult.
Colors that mean a lot to you, favorite colors
Pink has and always will be my favorite. Sometimes, rarely, lavender takes a second place. Both are Pony colors, and I don't think that's a coincidence.
 Why is feminism important to you?
After dealing with the worst sexism, assault, and discrimination in my career, I knew I had to make a change. Selkie is an explosion that came from deep inside, a reaction to what I've been through. Thankfully, it's still a pastel dreamy reaction.
There must be a change, and I must do my part.
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